The Viking of The Battle of Stamford Bridge, 1066 AD

I quote from the wonderful book Vikings at War (Kim Hjardar & Vegard Vike, Casemate Publishers/Spartacus Forlag, 2016, pages 291-292) : “The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle relate one particolar incident from this (…) battle. A Viking wearing chainmail and helmet, and equipped with a battleaxe took up position on the bridge and single-handedly repelled several English attacks, preventing them from crossing for several hours.

The Englishmen tried several times to persuade him to surrender and accept the king’s generosity, but he just taunted them and called them cowards.

It is said that he killed 40 English warriors bifore he fell himself”

Viking ship "Knarr" (Norse merchant ship), 10th-11th century
Houses from Hedeby (Viking Age settlement), 10th-11th Century 
Varangian Officer
Viking Woman (from Iceland), 10th-11th century
 Eastern (Swedish) Viking, 10th century

 The "Rus", or Eastern Vikings, were described with red or blond hair; baggy trousers and high boots completed their costume with Asian inflence.
We have no remains of textile armour from the Viking Age, but Authors Kim Hjardar and Vegard Vike identify two types of padded textile armour: "våpentrøye" (weapon shirt) and "panser" (gambeson). ("Vikings at War", cit)

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