Alamannic Warriors and Hillfort, 5th century AD


There are many wrong informations about the life and the general appearance of the people who lived in the late Antiquity/Dark Ages.
First of all: folks were not always short!
According to the data of the beautiful Archaeologisches Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg in Konstanz (average height of the men at 172 cm and at 162 cm for the women in Alamannic area,, the archaeologist of the Oxford University Sally Crawford writes about the Anglo-Saxons:
“(the earliest cemeteries) show that the population buried in these Germanic burial grounds was a little taller than the population associated to the late Romano-British cemeteries, with males standing at about 173 cm and females at 162 cm on average. (…) The evidence from the early Anglo-Saxon inhumation cemeteries shows that the population was relatively healty, with little bone evidence for diseases caused by malnutrition or deficiency in the diet.”
©Sally Crawford, “Anglo-Saxon England”, Shire Publications, 2011, page 65.
The results of the measurements of Charlemagne's tibia indicates that he was 1.84 m tall!

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