German Peasants' War, 1524-25: Peasant Rebel of the "Bundschuh"

1524: the revolt spreads along the Rhine, the Danube, the Lake Constance, in the Black Forest, in Swabia, Franconia. Peasants storm monasteries and castles.
Insurrections are transformed into war: in the single diocese of Wuerzburg 60 castles and 20 monasteries are burnt, in that of Bamberg 197 fortresses and 6 cloisters (Henric L. Wuermeling: "Die Geschichte Bayerns").

In March 1525 some leaders of the peasants (Baltringer Haufen, Allgaeuer Haufen, Seehaufen) met in Memmingen to agree a common cause. On March 20, 1525, they adopted the "Twelve Articles". The Articles demanded the rights for the communities of the peasants and are considered to be the first written set of human rights in Europe.
In the photo: the front of the Kramerzunft in Memmingen; the building where the Articles were written.

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