Swiss Standard-bearer, Battle of Dornach, 1499 (Swabian War - Schwabenkrieg)

 The Swabian War (Schwaben- oder Schweizerkrieg) broke out due to the ancient contrasts between the Habsburgs ant the Swiss Cantons, and in this case was the territorial controversy between the Grisons and the Habsburg Duke of Tyrol (the Emperor Maximilian) to turn on again the fuse.
The conflict expanded from the Rhine Valley to the Lake Constance; saw small-scale clashes but bloody looting. Imperial troops were finally defeated at Dornach on July 22, 1499.
The battle saw the complete triumph of the Swiss Cantons (Old Swiss Confederacy) on the imperial Swabian League and ended the Swabian War.
Among the Swiss fighters there were 5000 from Bern, 400 from Zurich, 600 from Lucerne, plus contingents from Uri, Zug and Unterwalden. The arrival of the Lucerne and Zug soldiers was decisive for the victory over Maximilan's army  (16,000 men).
The battle was a key step in the history of the Swiss Confederation.
In the figure is depicted a Standard-bearer from the mighty city of Bern, with the typical feather turban and the transition clothes between the fashion of the 15th century and the much more extravagant "slasing" fashion of the 16th century.

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