Historic Switzerland, a small illustrated excursion between Murten and Bern

The beautiful main street of Murten / Morat, with Berntor

The illustration with the messenger of Murten, after the battle of 1476

View of the Mont Vully from Murten (the same can also be seen in the illustration)

The walls of Murten, beautifully preserved

And now a little bit of Berne, which is always a joy for a historical illustrator: here is a selection of some of the splendid fountains in the city, decorated with polychrome statues by the Renaissance sculptor Hans Gieng (years around 1540)

And here is an example of the armours of the 30s and 40s of the 16th century, inspired precisely by the Bern fountains: Hans Franz Naegeli wears a specimen while he conquers the Vaud

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