Illustrations for the new -autumn- issue of the Magazine "Lebenslust Emmental"

The artworks: the drawing of the Artemisia vulgaris - common mugwort, and the illustration for the beautiful short story by Sandra Rutschi, a friendly (read the story ;-) ) Bernese Mountain Dog


Ink and pencil: drawing dormice (garden dormouse, forest dormouse, hazel dormouse) ... and some symbolic animals of the Alps

                                   Garden dormouse (Eliomys quercinus, Gartenschlaefer) 

Forest Dormouse (Dryomis nitedula, Baumschlaefer)

Hazel dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius, Haselmaus) colour (for the Magazine "Lebenslust Emmental)

                                                   Alpine ibex, marmot and bearded vulture

The Autumn Issue of "Sonah" Magazine (with my illustration of Trier in roman age)

The wonderful Magazine "Sonah. Das Saarland und die Region neu entdecken"

                           My illustration with the city of Trier at the end of the 3rd century AD

North Sea Coast

A view of the North Sea Coast: Atlantic puffins, terns, seals and traditional thatched roof houses.

A couple of small ink studies and the preparatory drawing on the work desk ...


The summer issue of "Lebenslust Emmental" Magazine is ready!

I am very happy to have illustrated the new short story by Sandra Rutschi this time again! And to have made a new botanical drawing (The Birdsfoot trefoil, "Lotus corniculatus", Gewoehnlicher Hornklee). 

Coming soon: illustrations for the new (forthcoming) book by Verena Zürcher!


A small look at some of the illustrations that will be in Verena Zürcher's new (forthcoming) book, dedicated to Anastasia von Signau. There will be two color covers and lots of black and white line drawings!

More information here Landverlag: Anastasias Geheimnis

Ink and pencil: traditional garments (Tracht) of the Black Forest (around 1840)


An old Clock Carrier ("Uhrentraeger") from Triberg (clock making was a tradtional occupation of the Black Forest: the clocks were then carried with backpacks to sometimes distant areas) and a costume typical of the Baar region. Drawings with brush pens and liners.

Spring in Bern

A barn swallow (Hirundo rustica, Schwalbe) and a house martin (Delichon urbicum, Mehlschwalbe) sitting on the Nydegg bridge, near the church, in a spring view of Bern. From here you can see the gothic Nydeggkirche and its beautiful medieval quarter, with Nydeggstalden street going down, between seventeenth-century houses, towards the banks of the Aare river

(Hand)Drawing in progress, pencil on Arches watercolour paper, cold pressed, 100% cotton 


The Lindwurm, or lindworm, was a serpentine dragon (and man-eater) of Norse and Central European mythology (Fafnir was also a lindworm). It is at the origin of the legendary foundation of the city of Klagenfurt (among others), of which it is the symbol. 

Riedlingen on the Danube, art, nature and beautiful storks

This is a memory of a summer evening in Riedlingen, a small town along the course of a still young Danube, with splendid half-timbered houses in a truly remarkable natural landscape. Riedlingen is located on the German Framework Road and is one of the few towns where storks have never stopped nesting since time immemorial.
In the drawing, in addition to the storks, you can also see a sandpiper, a beautiful common tern (Sterna hirundo) and rare salmon from the Danube, or Huchen. 


The medieval town of Rapperswil and its lake (drawing in progress)

There are places that, thanks to their beauty alone, make us live better ...

The thoughts, and the pencil that is guided by them, run to beloved landscapes and places, to the desire and hope to see them soon ... so here is a small preparatory drawing of the beautiful medieval Rapperswil, with its very long wooden bridge and its lake (with its fauna). 

A small ink study on the appearance of two freshwater fish (present in the aforementioned lake): the common perch (Perca fluviatilis, Flussbarsch in German, also called Kretzer on Lake Constance and Egli in Switzerland) and the bigger zander (Sander lucioperca, Zander in German). 

New illustrations for the new "Lebenslust Emmental" magazine: Beavers in Switzerland (and more)



Explanatory illustration of a Beaver's Lodge, with its interior, the various entrances under the water surface, the surrounding environment. Published in "Lebenslust Emmental" of March 2021 with an article on European beavers in Switzerland and the Emmental.

The cover of the spring issue of the magazine and, next to it, the small illustration published to accompany the novel of the Author Sandra Rutschi (I am happy to have also been able to collaborate with the new direction of the Magazine!).

Lebenslust Emmental Magazin

More illustrations for "Sorcery: Contested Realm"

Medieval longbowmen, crossbowmen and a falconer. As always my illustrations (and all those of other "Sorcery: Contested Realm" artists) are hand painted!

Village and Landscape Illustrations for "Sorcery: Contested Realm"

The Steppe Card with desert sunset!

In the first vertical version of the Village a small foreground was also drawn. Here a partridge. In the background a typical wooden village of the Swiss Alps (Canton Valais)

In this vertical version another Village and another small foreground scene: a hawk attacks the partridge. In the background there is a typical village of Lower Saxony or Frisia.

These are the final versions in landscape format. I am delighted to have been able to portray some of my favorite European landscapes with these village Cards

Frohe Weihnachten! Merry Christmas!

I am truly honored and happy to have been able to create, in these years, illustrations published in the high quality magazines of the publisher Landverlag and in the beautiful book "Bildung beginnt in der Natur". Now I have also had the opportunity to create a new illustration dedicated to Christmas in a Swiss winter landscape. Thank you very much!

Issue 50 of "Lebenslust Emmental" with my new illustrations

Bullfinch and sea buckthorn in a winter landscape


The painted artworks and the "Lebenslust Emmental" Magazine. 

The December issue of "Lebenslust Emmental" Magazine with the article on the thousand virtues of sea buckthorn.


Illustrations for "Sorcery: Contested Realm"


Here is a small selection of the illustrations published with "Sorcery: Contested Realm", the fantasy Card Game by Erik Olofsson; a wonderful artistic work that kept me busy for a year with dozens of illustrations, and in which I am truly honored to have taken part, along with so many good artists!
Kickstarter launch early 2021!